Wealth Management and Insurance

The Wealth Management and Insurance industries rely heavily on the collection of many documents.

Compliance with regulations is of the utmost importance and all documents and information must be collected and stored in a secure environment.

Often the big frustration is keeping track of what has been received and what is still outstanding.

  • FileFlow’s technology simplifies and speeds up document collection and makes everyone’s life a whole lot easier.
  • FileFlow increases productivity and volume, while it decreases the frustration of collecting documents and tracks the collection process from beginning to end.
  • The system saves valuable professional time. Instead of being stuck in paperwork, you can spend time actually serving your clients. You can provide them with improved customer experience, outweighing your competitors.
  • It takes a minute or two to set up a request for documents (more or less the same time as it would take to draft an email), but once that is done, FileFlow takes over and manages the collection process automatically until all documents have been collected: Set it, then forget it.
  • FileFlow also empowers clients to provide the required documents and information. The system is very user-friendly. Clients appreciate the simplicity and flexibility of FileFlow.
  • Everyone knows at any point in time which documents have been submitted and which ones are still outstanding.
Banking and Finance

The financial industry is highly competitive – the faster an application moves towards a credit decision, the better the chances of landing the deal.

Getting the correct financial information from prospective clients quickly is essential to determine if they will qualify.

These industries depend on a lot of paperwork and quick turnaround times. A bond originator or finance consultant normally handles many applications simultaneously and keeping track of everything can be a nightmare.

  • A higher conversation rate is the key to success – to handle all the paperwork manually is painstaking and time-consuming.
  • FileFlow can collect a variety of supporting documents from a client in one seamless process.
  • FileFlow’s outstanding technology can easily be integrated with the financier’s existing application process. The automated email reminders can be set to frequently remind clients, even daily, about the outstanding documents.
  • This allows you to spend more time with customers and signing up new clients instead of being snowed under the paperwork.
  • FileFlow saves time, increases productivity and improves the conversion rate from prospects to actual clients. It also makes a great first impression on clients because they find it very easy to use!

Accounting staff spends many hours collecting supporting documents for monthly management accounts, financial statements, statutory compliance and tax returns.

  • FileFlow can have a significant positive impact on the time it takes to collect a full set of documents from a client – in many cases, the time is reduced by several days.
  • This allows accounting staff to increase their productivity and start their actual work – i.e. accounting – sooner.

FileFlow sends the client a list of all the required documents, describing exactly what is needed, by when, with follow-up reminders at pre-determined intervals depending on urgency.

An audit trail is available for all documents collected via FileFlow’s secure process, providing a history of collection requests, reminders, the flow of documents and who looked at them when.

Management can also easily track which staff members are more responsive and effective than others.

If a staff member falls ill or goes on holiday, it is very easy to see exactly which documents have been collected and which are still outstanding.


Getting clients to submit the documents required for a transfer or bond registration can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Some conveyancing clients need constant reminders to provide documents. This wastes time and often delays the registration.

  • FileFlow is a convenient, cost-effective and easy-to-use system. It also improves the efficiency of any process involving documents.
  • In addition to conveyancing documents, FileFlow could also be used to collect any standard documents in other areas of legal practice, such as client take-on/KYC/FICA and debt collection.
  • It drastically reduces the time which staff spends chasing after clients’ documents. This frees them up to perform more important functions which actually earn fees for the law firm.
  • One large South African law firm estimates that by using FileFlow it reduced its staff costs for document collection and time wasted by about 70%.

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