Automated Documentation Collection Software

Simple. Streamlined. Cost-effective.

The need for automated document collection

There are no two ways about it. Collecting documents from clients is a painstaking process.

  • This means several emails and follow-up telephone calls before clients respond as well as unnecessary diarising, filing and other time-wasting activities. Only then can the actual billable work start! Time wasted means money squandered.
  • Collecting supporting documents faster means quicker turnaround for transactions, cash flow and improved staff morale. Time wasted in collecting documents could rather be used for challenging and profitable functions.
  • Clients have little sense of urgency and are confused about the documents required for further action to be taken.

Typically, the service provider asks for document A, but the client sends document B. The service provider again asks for document A but the client sends only half of document A.

Once all the documents have been collected, document A has expired! This causes mayhem, frustration and delays.

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We make it a simple, streamlined and automated process.


Easy to Use
Cost Effective
Quick Turnaround
Reduced Admin