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Cost Savings

  • Every time that somebody in the office has to open his/her diary, get up, walk to a filing cabinet, search for a specific file, check whether the client has sent the requested documents, send an email or make a telephone call to request the documents again, diarise the file and close the filing cabinet, valuable time and money is wasted.
  • Every 5 minutes wasted adds up to many unproductive hours each month which could have been spent by personnel to earn money for the business, instead of chasing clients for documents with no monetary benefit whatsoever.
  • FileFlow clients report an average of 70 % time saved in the routine collection of standard documents.

Faster Collection of Documents

  • Once FileFlow is set up for a particular business, it collects documents automatically.
  • If the employees who are responsible for document collection are engaged elsewhere, or not in the office due to being on lunch, ill or on holiday, FileFlow still diligently keeps on collecting documents from clients.
  • The result is that FileFlow shortens the average time taken to collect supporting documents substantially. This improves turnaround time, cash collections and profitability in any business.

Compliance: Transparency and Audit Trail

  • The entire collection and review process is tracked by an automated audit trail.
  • In each instance one can see instantly when a request for documents was initiated, which documents were requested, the number and dates of follow-up emails, the responses from the client, when and which documents were received, who reviewed the documents and when.
  • In addition to improved security, this information often delivers great value when a client unfairly complains about a lack of progress on his/her particular transaction, while the delay was actually caused by the client’s own failure to submit documents timeously.

Less Errors and Better Accuracy

  • Chasing after clients, processing documents and juggling between paper files, computers, emails, web apps, fax machines, printers and scanners is time-consuming and frustrating.
  • Some documents are received as email attachments, others as faxes or text messages. Some are delivered manually and some never arrive.
  • FileFlow allows for a seamless process, less errors and accurate submission of documents.

Great User Experience for Staff and Clients

  • Since FileFlow users can determine the frequency of automated email reminders upfront, they can fine-tune the document collection process so that it works best for them.
  • Each reminder can also be worded in the particular tone to suit your business and client relationship and clients are thanked throughout the process for submission.

Data Protection

  • Given the environment in which FileFlow operates, data security is of paramount importance.
  • Client data is stored encrypted, at rest, and decrypting it requires not only a master key, but also a client specific key. This drives better customer protection and overall compliance.
  • FileFlow is hosted by Amazon Web Services and backups are managed by an Amazon accredited partner.


  • Since all the documents and emails are electronically stored in one location, it provides the authorised staff with instant access to customers’ data.
  • It provides the flexibility to be used by various departments within one organisation and to allow or restrict access to client information as required.