Time Management in Business: the beauty of document automation

Apart from the time it consumes, rushing about collecting documents whether physically, by fax, courier, post (perish the thought),  or email – Covid-19 has really emphasised the need to streamline document collection in a more efficient and automated way – without any danger of contamination! Yes, we need to work faster, cheaper, safer – not to mention keeping our good health along the way! And what could be better than a clever document collection system that feeds time and money back into your business? It’s time to retire your pony to a good sanctuary and sell the non-sanitised cart. You can now get vital information and paperwork from one place to another in less time and with more accuracy, improving workflow and productivity. Documentation plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of your business. Great communication will always be at the heart of any business. Automating your documentation collection puts it in a manageable framework that everyone can access for success.

Benefits of automating your document collection process

  • You make more money. It’s that simple – because you are saving time. A significant amount of time is wasted searching for information, and this impacts heavily on productivity, and therefore on the bottom line. The faster and more consistently you can complete tasks, the more you can do.
  • An efficient documentation process presents a competitive advantage for your company. When you show your clients the speed at which you can source, file and present documentation in an orderly and accurate manner, your clients are going to respect the ‘wow’ factor in your performance.
  • Documentation which is organised, up to date, available immediately, and contributory to a cost-effective process, will demonstrate that you are a professional organisation, able to prove dedication and commitment in your role as gatekeeper of crucially important information.
  • And when it comes to your staff, they will be quick to see you are committed to providing the best tools to streamline their work and assist them in performing tasks more efficiently.
  • In addition, a business that works with an automated documentation and recordkeeping process makes itself interesting to prospective buyers and investors. Your business becomes a more tangible and valuable asset

Tailored to suit your business

If you’re a mortgage broker, a real estate agency, sales manager or small business owner – collecting documents is always going to be a key aspect of your operation. This can become a bigger headache than should be the case. Whatever your business, you should be able to make effective use of an automated documentation collection process that cuts out the tedium of tracking down documentation, and which can be customised to your individual business needs. As a sales professional you will need to gather information about prospective new clients. Very often they need to send you documentation: this is where automated systems come in very handy, keeping the pressure on the client to provide the necessary information and documentation so that sales process can get under way as quickly as possible, making for greater efficiency and earlier profits from the get go. Clients can be slow to reply to requests, lackadaisical about deadlines, and create obstacles in your daily work without any guarantee they will finally convert. Automated documentation keeps you in charge of  information-gathering, and in the driver’s seat. Clients, no matter what they’re buying – a product or a service – will conduct their own research online, particularly house buyers. If your communication and information processes are not proactive and visibly efficient – you may let a competitor get ahead of you. The best way to counteract this is to set up an impressive client onboarding and services profile by setting up the latest documentation collection technology.

Organising and managing benefits

Automated document collection offers you:

  • Digital tools to streamline the collection of supporting documents, reduce handling errors, and ensure that your data remains secure and compliant. Automation improves overall productivity, and therefore profits, which is crucial in this depressed time of Covid-19.
  • Reduced cluttering in your inbox since it avoids the feed of multiple emails with different attachments and the resulting hours of sifting through to see if you need to chase up a missing document or request an update.
  • Assurance that documents will not be wrongly labelled or misfiled. Documents are stored in one place, with no chance of people commenting on old versions, or information going to the wrong person. One of the most important functions of automating document collection is that it removes the chance for human error.
  • The guarantee that all documents will be sent in the right format and on time. An automated document collection system makes sure that all instructions to the client are concise and clear – and provides an on-point follow-up service in the form of reminders to the client should they become tardy in supplying the necessary paperwork.
  • A way to spotlight any interactions that may fall behind, therefore providing the opportunity for quick action. This means that the entire process moves more quickly, releasing that precious component time to be invested back into the business. The process becomes transparent and schedule efficient.

FileFlow – when time is money

You need an efficient automated document collection system that is cost-effective, convenient and easy to use. You need a system that reduces staff costs for the time-wasting run-around on collecting necessary process documents. You also need it to be flexible and easily adaptable to the particular needs of your business.

FileFlow will meet all these needs. Developed in 2018 as a solution to collecting multiple documents relating to one transaction, such as the transfer of a property or a mortgage bond registration, FileFlow allows for a seamless process, less errors and accurate submission of documents.