Time Management in Business: the beauty of document automation

There is no doubt that time wasted in business is ultimately detrimental to profit. Thus over years we’ve devised faster methods for doing just about everything. And nothing is more important than the demise of the old manual system of filing and the rise of automated documentation systems.

What is Time Management?

Time management is the way you plan and organise processes – the work of the day. Each task takes time. Being able to reduce the amount of time needed to perform tasks, means managing the hours of the day more effectively. Time management simply means doing things more speedily, more efficiently and with greater organisation, focus and better results with regard to productivity and profits. And now our greatest ally in time management is technology!

What is document automation?

The ability to keep documents and information secure and quickly retrievable is vital to maintaining faster communications and saving time – time which may be spent on more vital issues such as customer relations, innovation and new business. So what does it mean to automate documents and how does it save time?

Automating usually means installing an effective software system that sets up workflow processes, allows everyone access to necessary documents from any point in the operation, and keeps critical information in one safe place. It condenses storage but makes it large enough to be easily reachable by staff anywhere. It also keeps track of the progress of a document through general office procedures; at any time it can be viewed, and the stage of its progress understood by everyone involved. This has the effect of keeping staff all on the same page, so to speak.

The time saving factor

Whether you’re dealing with invoicing, agreements, legal documents, quotes, accounting, instructions, reporting…it’s all available on tap under the particular project originally filed. What it means in essence, is that things relating to each other are kept together and quickly sourced. Nothing is in loose files where important pages may be lost, or buried in the chaos of someone’s chaotic desk. Searching for key papers no longer takes an hour out of your working day.

As a staff member you get security, peace of mind, more time, less stress, and the added confidence that when required to find information, you can do so in a blink.

  • The workflow will be automated so that there is clear routing with every action notated, monitored and accounted for.
  • There will be no misfiling, errors or oversights.
  • You’ll be using intelligent search methods designed for convenience that will support searching with any criteria.
  • Everything is available and managed in one space.
  • The saving of storage space is exceptional.
  • Lost documents will become a thing of the past (remember searching for those?)
  • Copies can be quickly created, and documents accurately and efficiently distributed.
  • Communication is speeded up because you can share documentation electronically with customers and colleagues wherever you are with access to the Internet, so you don’t have to keep rushing back to the office, thus saving you precious time.
  • Documentation is accessible from web browsers, smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Sensitive documents are secure, and can be securely shared.

The result of all this? Time. Much more time for meetings, discussions, and real opportunities to explore new endeavours. Your business should not be bogged down in paper – it should be using time to make money. From a government perspective, imagine being able to find a query document for a citizen in a matter of seconds, whereas before people would have to return the next day, or even the following week!

Business objectives are enhanced when time is saved

  • Document retrieval is available at work stations without employees having to run around the office, up and down stairs (chatting to colleagues on the way) and rifle through layers of paper files
  • It speeds up the signage process because everyone who needs to keep track of this action can see exactly the status of a document at any time
  • Procrastination and follow-up time are reduced because things are facilitated
  • Client meetings can be organised with more time and less stress regarding time spent in those meetings
  • Endless queries and frustration are reduced, and staff can focus on a wider range of work
  • Customer service improves dramatically because queries can be dealt with more quickly and timeously, creating good relationships and furthering your business
  • Orders for business can be entered at any point and automatically routed to the right departments for efficient recording and actioning, saving hours of laborious manual input
  • When time devoted to documentation is saved, you essentially save staffing costs, again saving your business from having to pay for time
  • By eliminating paper storage, streamlining operations and speeding up communication, a business saves time – and that time can be refocused on producing revenue instead of time-consuming admin tasks.

FileFlow – when time is money

You need an efficient automated document collection system that is cost-effective, convenient and easy to use. You need a system that reduces staff costs for the time-wasting run-around on collecting necessary process documents. You also need it to be flexible and easily adaptable to the particular needs of your business.

FileFlow will meet all these needs. Developed in 2018 as a solution to collecting multiple documents relating to one transaction, such as the transfer of a property or a mortgage bond registration, FileFlow allows for a seamless process, less errors and accurate submission of documents.